Press Release
March 1, 2019

Dispatch from Crame No. 478:
Duterte is No. 1 Marcos Troll


When Duterte defends the Marcoses and says that there is no proof that they plundered the government, he is actually defending himself for rehabilitating and condoning not only the Marcoses, but also other allies with records of plunder and corruption. Duterte's posturing that he hates corruption is thus revealed as nothing but a hoax. If anything, what he loves most is being partners in politics with the discredited and most corrupt political personalities in the country.

One need only to look at his administration's senatorial slate. This is not a good governance or anti-corruption slate. It is more of a police line-up of suspected criminals, but with one difference. Under this administration, suspected criminals are summarily executed, unless you have stolen millions from the people. In which case, you become Duterte's ally, get appointed in his government, or even get the chance to occupy a slot in his senatorial slate.

That the Marcoses stole billions from the Filipino people is already a matter of historical and official record. The ill-gotten wealth recovered from the dictator's family in the past three decades is more than enough proof that the Marcos family enriched themselves at the expense of the Filipino people during their reign. This is affirmed by the Supreme Court in a long line of cases declaring billions of pesos of sequestered Marcos assets as ill-gotten. The recent Sandiganbayan conviction of Imelda Marcos is the latest judicial affirmation that the Marcoses plundered this nation.

Only someone raised on Marcos-sponsored fake news and historical revisionism in social media believes that the Marcoses are innocent. But Duterte is too old to be fooled by the Marcos social media propaganda machine. Duterte is a denier of the Marcos plunder not because he believes the Marcoses are innocent. He is a Marcos plunder-denier because he has chosen to become part of their propaganda machine by spewing the same fake news shared in social media.

Duterte is now the No. 1 Marcos troll.

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