Press Release
March 7, 2019


Senator and Philippine Red Cross Chairman Richard J. Gordon said the Department of Health and the Philippine Red Cross are making a headway in restoring public confidence in vaccination.

Gordon made the remark after getting a report that some 9,394 children have been vaccinated from February 16 to March 5 through the community-based vaccination program launched by the Red Cross in coordination with the DOH.

"I am glad that through our efforts, both the DOH and the Red Cross, we are narrowing down the vaccination gap, which was made wider by the debacle of the Dengvaxia vaccine. I'm glad that the people's belief in vaccines is now being restored," he said.

Gordon said they are committed to work harder with the DOH to close the gap totally in order to stem the further spread of the measles outbreak which is now affecting different parts of the country.

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