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March 19, 2019

Senate probe on water shortage
Nancy: 'Tiyak may sasabunin, walang banlawan'

Senator Nancy Binay welcomed the Senate's probe on the current water crisis affecting residents in Metro Manila and Rizal, saying it was an opportunity to thresh out the truth from conflicting statements so the people could be enlightened on what is really happening.

"Tiyak may sasabunin, walang banlawan," the senator said.

Binay earlier chided water-related agencies and the metro's concessionaires for their conflicting explanations on what had triggered the crisis.

"Lahat tayo ngayon ay nakararanas ng water shortage, at kung anu-anong dahilan na ang ating napakinggan mula sa mga ahensya ng gobyerno at concessionaires. But I'm sorry to say, their statements do not hold water," said Binay.

"The public is aghast at the response to the current crisis, and no explanation can wash the apparent neglect and inefficiency of those who have committed to provide us with clean water," she added.

She reiterated her call for a "clear policy on maintaining water security whenever water supply goes bad."

The National Water Resources Board should also have a holistic and comprehensive water resource plan as well as an effective water allocation and reuse policy, she said.

The lawmaker also deplored the irony that the Philippines is celebrating Water Week (March 15-22) while many Filipinos are deprived of water access.

"Water is a basic need and it is unacceptable that we are depriving our people of basic services they deserve," Binay said.

She also called to task the government for failing to construct rainwater collector systems (RWCs) that should have been installed within the premises of public markets, public schools, farms and barangays with no existing water supply or where the source of water is scarce or limited.

According to Binay, 100,000 water wells, cisterns and other types of rainwater harvesting facilities and catchment systems should have been installed as early as 1991 in 42,000 barangays in the country in compliance with Republic Act 6716.

She urged the Department of Public Works and Highways, Department of Interior and Local Government, and Local Water Utilities Administration to compile an inventory and audit of all RWCs to check how many barangays have complied with the law.

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