Press Release
April 12, 2019

Sen. Leila M. de Lima on the expose of an alleged human trafficking syndicate operating within NAIA and protected by former SOJ Aguirre

Read last night the successive Facebook Posts (as printed by my staff) of Mr. Ramon Tulfo and his April 9 and April 11 articles on an alleged human trafficking syndicate within NAIA, with the former SOJ Vitaliano Aguirre as the alleged protector.

Human trafficking, like drug trafficking, is an evil scourge which bedevils modern society. It victimizes many of our gullible women, including minors. That state actors, i.e., immigration officers, as allegedly protected by a discredited former high-ranking executive official, are the very perpetrators of this vile crime, mirrors the degeneracy of the current dispensation.

This yet another expose of a major anomaly, another scandal, warrants an immediate and serious probe.

Will be filing soon an appropriate Senate inquiry into this matter.

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