Press Release
May 4, 2019


Senator Richard J. Gordon called on whoever is coddling former police officer Eduardo Acierto, one of the accused in the billion pesos worth of shabu concealed inside magnetic lifters that were smuggled into the country right through the Bureau of Customs.

Gordon stressed that Acierto's arrest would lead to the big people behind the massive illegal drug operation in the country since he has had several deals with them.

"Dapat isuko nila sa mga authorities para masolve yung case. Whoever is coddling Acierto should surrender him para matapos. Ininvestigate namin yan. I gave him an opportunity to be a state witness. Dapat malaman natin ang puno't dulo ng drug smuggling dito. Dapat mahuli kung sino yung mga big fish para malaman baka international drug syndicate yan na may mga galamay sila dito. Hindi makakagalaw iyan, hindi pagkakatiwalaan ng ganun kalaking halaga yan kung hindi niya nakausap yung mga taong behind that. And I think it's an international syndicate with some local fish here," he said.

Suspicious that Acierto may be coddled by powerful people hence the large bounty, Gordon warned that it could stain the military or police service if he will continue to be given sanctuary.

"Yung kuma-coddle dyan baka malalaki din siguro kaya nakakatago. Ang problema ko dyan, pag may police, military or Academy na hina-hunting, may nagka-coddle. Di nila dapat kina-coddle because that stains the military service, the police service, the Academy service. Lahat sila. Di ba kayo nakakahalata, pag police o sundalo, ang hirap mahuli? Alam ko yan dahil nung araw, may mga hinuhuli, ang tagal-tagal bago mahuli," he said.

The chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee that conducted an investigation into the smuggling of tons of illegal drug through the Bureau of Customs, also pointed out that with Acierto knowing the principals, he could also be in danger.

"Ang mas delikado nga diyan e baka ang mangyari sa kanya, I hope hindi naman mangyari, ay matepok siya. Ang tetepok sa kanya, hindi ko alam, maaaring yung mga principals niya. See, he couldn't do that (arranging the drug deals) without knowing the principals," he said.

The Blue Ribbon Committee has recommended the arrest of Acierto and several other officials for involvement in the drug smuggling operation.

Recently, a Manila court issued an arrest warrant against Acierto for his alleged involvement in the importation of shabu found inside several magnetic lifters. A hold departure order was also issued against Acierto to make sure he cannot leave the country.

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