Press Release
May 18, 2019

Statement of Sen. Kiko Pangilinan on the manifestation submitted by the Liberal Party to the COMELEC

We continue to monitor the canvassing of votes at COMELEC. Our representatives are still there to scrutinize the results. Yesterday, May 17, we submitted a manifestation with the COMELEC to:

1. ask them to release significant details and information on the 961 defective VCMs, 1,655 corrupted SD cards (how many votes, which precinct or municipality or city or province, and what is the status of these, etc.);

2. ask for the full technical report of the seven-hour "technical glitch" and an independent investigation into the said glitch; and

3. ask for an audit and systems log of the transparency server

All these pieces of information are important in determining the entire process of the elections and if these are acceptable or not.

The lawyers and IT experts have met to prepare for a deeper understanding of what happened in the automated election system and we continue to talk and coordinate.

*All these happened amidst allegations and reports of the administration's use of the entire government machinery to influence, if not terrorize, local officials and voters to choose its candidates.

We should not let extreme emotions or anger get the better of us, but we also need to remain vigilant. Asking what happened and to insist on an explanation from COMELEC is the right thing to do. COMELEC needs to answer a lot of questions. Meanwhile, we are gathering all the reports and complaints from different areas regarding our election process.

*Every vote is sacred. We ask only for a clear and acceptable explanation to the questions of voters. This is part of COMELEC's job.

The fight is not over even after the elections. In fact, because of the results and the process of the elections, it is clear that we have a lot of things to do, we need more actions for the struggles we need to pursue. The advocacies and issues we fought for during the campaign are still there waiting for action.

Sinasabing sa ating pakikibaka para sa mas magandang bukas para sa ating mga anak, walang pagkabigo, meron lang pagpapaliban. Tuloy ang pagpupursigi. Di tayo patitinag. Mananatili tayong matatag. Kayod lang.

For a better future, fight on!

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