Press Release
May 28, 2019

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Vicente C. Sotto III

Q: (Unclear)

SP Sotto: It is not dictated by the Senate President. It is elected by the majority.

Q: Sa tingin ninyo Senator-Elect Tolentino is just using the SP race to corner the committee that he wants?

SP Sotto: I don't know, that is your words, I'd rather not comment about motive or whatever. Basta't what I am saying is that in the Senate, the chairmanships are dictated by the majority, agreed by the majority. It is not the Senate President who can give out the chairmanships.

Q: Other members of HNP, nagsabi ba sa iyo ng support as Senate President?

SP Sotto: Yes.

Q: (Unclear)

SP Sotto: No, the Senate Presidency is always at the pleasure of the members of the majority. Whoever he is, should be supported by the majority.

Q: Siyam daw po yung laman ng HNP bloc? Is that a significant number?

SP Sotto: Are you sure of the nine?

Q: How many do you have?

SP Sotto: I have the support of at least fifteen or sixteen.

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