Press Release
June 10, 2019

Dispatch from Crame No. 531:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima's Statement on the Absurd Testimony of Prosecution Witness, former BuCor officer-in-charge Rafael Ragos


I don't have to further comment on the utter absurdity and incredulity of the testimony of another perjured prosecution witness, Rafael Ragos, during last Friday's hearing in one of my drug cases.

Right-thinking netizens have said enough. And they have every right to be irate.

Only idiots will believe the fictional tales of Ragos and other so-called witnesses about my alleged receipt of drug money from Bilibid inmates.

Fake cases. Fake stories. Pure inventions.

Masyado kasi nilang iniinsulto ang pag-iisip at katalinuhan ng taumbayan. Binababoy pa nila ang justice system.

My oppressors, the suborners of perjury included, will have their day of reckoning.

Stil, God forgive them...

(Access the handwritten copy of Dispatch from Crame No. 531, here:

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