Press Release
June 12, 2019


Isang makabuluhang paggunita ng Araw ng Kalayaan! We remember the courage and sacrifice of our heroes who fought for freedom and independence for our people. Let us remember the generations of Filipinos who gave their lives to free our nation from oppression, abuse and violence.

But celebrating our freedom means not taking it for granted. The civil liberties we enjoy today are hard-fought victories. The responsibility to protect these liberties, to strengthen our democratic institutions and to fulfill human rights for all rests on our generation today.

Celebrating our freedom means making it work for all. Today and always, we must work hard to ensure people's economic and political participation. Freedom means liberation from poverty and economic inequality, from gender inequality, from ignorance & deprivation.

The fight for freedom rests on all of us Filipinos. The struggle for independence from any oppressor is won by collective struggle, not by the striving of anyone alone.

Bayan ko, 'di pa tapos ang laban mo.

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