Press Release
June 18, 2019

Dispatch from Crame No. 535:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima's statement on Duterte's cowardly remark regarding the Recto Bank ramming incident

This is too much! President Duterte downplaying the Recto Bank ramming incident as a "little maritime accident."

This was preceded by an equally callous comment from an alter ego of his, Energy Secretary Alfredo Cusi, describing the damage to the Philippine fishing boat as "daplis lang." Dahil dito napilitan si kapitan Junel Insigne na umatras sa nakatakdang pagpupulong nila ni Duterte. Isang ordinaryong mamamayan na nagpapakita ng mataas na uri ng paninindigan. Sampal ito sa kanilang mga itinuturing natin na mga pinuno.

I see an odious yet subtle effort on the part of our executive authorities to cover up for China, implicitly accepting the flawed and implausible version proffered by the Chinese government regarding the incident, a version soundly rejected by credible observers and experts. The pro-China Duterte regime is hard put at supporting the causes of the Filipino fishermen victimized by this latest act of bullying within our own EEZ.

The reported cancellation of a special Cabinet meeting sends a vivid signal of presidential apathy or lack of care in dealing with a matter of utmost significance. It's ultra cowardice, if not treason, at the highest level!

And then we have an incredibly imprudent and arrogant Foreign Secretary who keeps rubbing salt on this highly delicate issue through his constant tweeting of highly annoying and offensive remarks (offensive not to the Chinese but to us, his countrymen.)

Our very own leaders assaulting our very dignity as a people!

Kaya pa ba natin ito? Ano pa ba dapat mangyari para matauhan na ang marami sa atin?

Palakasin natin ang panawagan sa agarang pagbibitiw ng inutil na Pangulong ito! #DuterteResign!

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