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June 18, 2019

"Don't distract the public" -- Hontiveros says of Duterte's recent Marcos remark

Instead of distracting the public with outrageous statements exalting the Marcoses, the President should focus his attention on helping Filipino fishermen affected by the 'hit-and-run' incident involving a Chinese vessel at the Reed Bank, Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros said on Tuesday.

"It is an unwelcome distraction at a time when the public needs strong leadership in asserting our sovereignty and in taking the side of our countrymen and women," Hontiveros remarked.

President Rodrigo Duterte, in a speech during the 121st anniversary of the Philippine Navy in Cavite on Monday, said that he cannot fulfill his promise to rid the country of corruption and urged the public 'to find another Marcos.' "Even if you give me 20 years I cannot do it. Maghanap uli kayo ng Marcos," Duterte said in his speech.

"The President's ramblings are becoming more incoherent, much like his policy towards China," the Akbayan Senator lamented. "Another Marcos to solve corruption? Marcos was the paragon of corruption!" declared Hontiveros. It is estimated that the Marcoses amassed 5-10 billion dollars of ill-gotten wealth during their regime.

"The promise to end corruption may not be the only thing the President will fail to fulfill. Will he also fail in his constitutional duty to preserve our country's territorial integrity?" she added.

Hontiveros suggested for the President "to salvage his minimizing and shameful remarks on the hit-and-run incident" from last night by heeding the call of Lani Insigne, wife of F/B Gem-Ver captain Junel Insigne, to personally come to Mindoro.

"It would do him and this country good to listen to the people directly affected by this incident. Especially after his alter-egos and he himself cast doubts on the truthfulness of our fishermen," Hontiveros concluded.

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