Press Release
June 19, 2019

Statement of Sen. Francis Pangilinan on 75th year of Battle of Philippine Sea
Ang Pilipinas ay duyan ng magiting: Kiko

The Battle of Philippine Sea was fought on June 19 to 20 in 1944 between US and Japanese fleets over territories. Thousands of Filipinos were killed in the battle.

The continued deployment of weapons in the West Philippine Sea in the past few years has escalated tensions in the area. Aggravating the situation is the recent attack by a Chinese vessel against Filipino fishermen, who were left at sea after their boat was wrecked.

Let no one mistake the Filipino people's generosity and humility because we -- whether in Mindoro, in Zambales, anywhere in the Philippines -- will not be cowed into submission by a more dominant military force, and will continue to resist bullying. Ang Pilipinas ay duyan ng magiting.

We will continue to strengthen alliances and engage neighbor-countries to form a united front of nations committed to maintaining freedom of navigation in the world's most vital waterways.

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