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July 8, 2019

De Lima wants security of tenure, proper compensation for child daycare workers

In recognition of the important role of child daycare workers in the development of Filipino children, Opposition Senator Leila M. de Lima wants to provide them with security of tenure and proper compensation and benefits.

"These daycare workers, who exercise special parental authority over our children, play a crucial role in the development of the minds of these children. As such, they require commensurate compensation with respect to their workload and expertise, and opportunities for career development," De Lima said in her Senate Bill No. 184.

Based on the 2016 figures of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), there are around 49,568 daycare workers nationwide, catering services to 1.765 million three-year-old children and above.

Of 33,304 employed daycare workers deployed nationwide, 12.21 percent are permanent, 35.26 percent are contractual, 28.76 percent are casual and 23.45 percent are employed through a Memorandum of Agreement with salaries ranging from less than PhP1,000 a month to PhP15,000.

"Majority of these daycare workers have high educational attainment and have been in service for many years, yet they receive such measly salaries and they don't enjoy the security of tenure and other benefits," De Lima pointed out.

To address this, De Lima, a champion of social justice and human rights, is pushing for the passage of a Magna Carta for Child Daycare Workers, providing security of tenure and proper compensation and benefits that they justly deserve.

Plantilla positions for one Child Daycare Worker I and one Child Daycare Worker II will be created in all child development centers nationwide while additional compensation and benefits, such as overtime pay, hazard allowance and subsistence allowance and free legal service in cases emanating from their performance of duties will be provided.

Furthermore, De Lima wants to give child daycare workers free annual medical examination and treatment in government hospitals, access to livelihood, loans, grants and skills enhancement through the Commission on Higher Education and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

Under De Lima's measure, a Special Personnel Selection Board will be created to guarantee that the right people will be placed with Child Development Centers and mandates the formulation of a Code of Conduct to guide these workers.

"With millions of our children dependent on them, it is high time for government to recognize their important role in society and grant them as much support as possible to ensure that they are cared for the way they care for our young," De Lima emphasized.

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