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July 8, 2019

'Disaster Risk Officer for every LGU a must'- Sen. Bong Revilla

To strengthen the country's emergency response system during natural and man-made calamities, Sen. Bong Revilla filed a bill seeking the creation of a permanent item for a disaster risk officer in every local government.

Because the Philippines is located near the Pacific Region near the equator, an average of 15-20 tropical cyclones and storms enter its area of responsibility. In addition to this, recent earthquakes and possible volcanic eruptions continue to threaten the life and safety of Filipinos.

Revilla firmly believes that a strong network for disaster risk reduction and response mechanism is necessary to prepare for any upcoming disasters.

In response to Republic Act 10121, known as the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Framework (NDRRMF) will manage the disaster risk reduction in every local government unit.

The agency shall actively participate in recognizing, researching, treatment and supervision of different kinds of disasters to minimize its impact through strengthening the response capacity of the government.

At present, citizens all over the country are being oriented with the proper procedures and methods of disaster risk reduction.

"If we designate a permanent disaster risk officer in every LGU, we will be able to de-centralize the duties and responsibilities of the NDRRMC and empower the locality so that they may work together in implementing a disaster management plan based on their locality," Revilla explained.

Revilla's bill is complementary with RA 10121, promoting a more efficient structure for organizations in terms of disaster risk reduction and response.

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