Press Release
July 11, 2019

Grace Poe's text statement in response to media queries on emergency powers:

Any bill that will improve the quality of public services must certainly be prioritized. Its approval, however, will depend on a lot of factors--the cooperation of both Houses of Congress, the clarity of its objectives, compliance by agencies to the important data required and, if absolutely necessary, a certification of urgency from the President.

As regards the emergency powers being filed again, it is best for the DOTr to be reminded of what the other Senators were asking for last Congress, particularly the specific list of projects as well as the traffic management plan to counter the effects of numerous infra projects in relation to the worsening traffic.

We reiterate our support for any solution to ease the traffic congestion particularly in Metro Manila. We also welcome any support from our colleagues in the Senate and House of Representatives on the issue. Wala sa iisang tao ang bigat na ibigay ang emergency powers.

We were all for passing the bill last Congress, if not for the failure of the DOTr to submit to us the list of projects that will be covered by the grant of powers. Everything must be well-defined. Hindi puwede ang blanket grant of emergency powers under the Constitution. And of course, we will also need the support of the President to rally his troops in both Houses to support the bill. If the administration wants it, they can certify it as urgent.

Lahat tayo gusto ng solusyon sa trapik. Pero dapat malinaw ang saklaw, may epektibong solusyon sa trapiko, at hindi mauuwi sa korapsyon.

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