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July 13, 2019


Senator Richard J. Gordon on Wednesday stressed that Republic Act 11235 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2019 will give a chance for the victims of riding in tandem criminals to get justice

Gordon, principle author and sponsor of the law, explained that the object of the bill is to ensure that number plates would be readable so that people can easily see them as this would provide greater chances for crimes perpetrated by criminals on board motorcycles to be solved and the criminals arrested.

"We have the motorcycle law to ensure that we curb the still rampaging riding-in-tandem assassinations. Araw-araw may binabaril, ang purpose ng batas na ito ay para may pag-asa ang tao na kapag may namaril makikita ang plaka nila. May laban yung nabaril, may laban na yung komunidad whose peace had been disturbed. This is really anti-crime, it will take a big bite out of crime. You know we get used to these killings until it bites us all on our own behind then we will complain," he said.

Thus, to ensure that there will be no diversion from its purpose, Gordon is in constant communication with the Land Transportation Office as the agency drafts the law's implementing rules and regulations.

He met with the LTO last Thursday to discuss the color-scheme for the number plates and the number of alpha-numeric characters that they should only bear to make them readable even from a distance of up to 15 meters. He added this would prevent the IRR from being tweaked and changing the law as crafted by the Senate, which would only defeat the purpose of the law, as well as cost the government time and money.

"Sabi ko lima lang dapat characters at saka gawin nating isang kulay bawat rehiyon. Halimbawa, pag Central Luzon - pula; pag Maynila, blue. Parang Subic, color-coded. And you can repeat the numbers once in every region. Because pag nilagay mo sa computer yan, you have narrowed down the search. Or even if you only get three numbers, you can narrow down the search to a particular color. Intindihin sana akong mabuti because importante 'yan. Pinaguusapan pa namin, we're going to meet with them," he said.

Based on records from the Philippine National Police, an average of four people is killed each day by riding-in-tandem shooters. Of the total of 28,409 motorcycle riding crimes or incidents reported from 2010 to 2017, 13,062 or 46% of which were shooting incidents. while out of over 4,000 motorcycle riding crimes or incidents in 2016, only eight cases (0.18%) were solved

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