Press Release
July 19, 2019


We thank Secretary Tugade for his sound judgment in instructing the LTFRB to adhere to an existing memorandum that permits hatchback cars to be used as TNVS.

This is a positive step towards resolving the issues surrounding TNVS operation.

We laud the vigilance of the TNVS drivers and operators, who have steadfastly fought for their right to equity.

We call on the LTFRB and the TNVS to use this time to engage in more productive dialogues in the coming days to address what needs to be threshed out for the smooth operation of ride-hailing companies and the convenience of commuters.

At the Senate, we have refiled the bill that would put in place a law governing TNVS operations, and will continue to push for its passage.

Our overarching goal is to give the riding public more options for safe and comfortable travels.

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