Press Release
July 21, 2019

A Pacquiao fight smells of glory & Country, not blood, not money -Zubiri

"A Pacquiao fight smells of glory & Country, not blood, not money. Senator Manny Pacquiao fought well and hard. Our Pambansang Kamao deserves every applause at the MGM Arena and around the world.

He is a fighter's fighter. Boxers dream of fighting like him ever since his younger days in Mindanao. We are all familiar how he punched his way and collected belts under different weight divisions and boxing councils. Through victories and defeats, Manny became the boxing idol. All countries want to raise their own Pacquiaos.

Manny has age-defying fighting spirit and wallops just as quick & powerful as his younger opponents.

The boxing world has repeatedly acclaimed his skill. He hauled Sportsman of the Year titles again and again as his career went better and better. But the world saw it was not just his fists that brought him victories; it was intelligence, fairness and nobility.

Manny could fill boxing books with his distinct winning strategies and style. As his colleague in the Senate, I'm proud to say Senator Pacquiao also fills his legislative books well. Congratulations, Senator Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao."

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