Press Release
July 29, 2019

Revilla files 10 new bills in addition to his first 100 bills

Sen. Bong Revilla, Jr. has filed a total of 100 bills today.

In his first day in the Senate, Revilla filed 10 bills, followed by another 10 bills before his inauguration.

After a week, the veteran senator again filed a total of 35 bills, followed by another 55 bills that aim to provide benefits and alleviate the lives of Filipinos.

Revilla's first 100 bills serve as the fulfillment of his promises during the campaign season where he vowed to deliver beyond the call of service in uplifting his fellowmen, especially the marginalized sector.

This week, Revilla filed another 10 bills aiming to solve social woes that continue to hound the country.

Revilla continues to have the most bills filed among all senators in the 18th Congress.

Along his bills is the re-imposition of death penalty including cases of false accusations; First Aid in Tourism Act to ensure immediate emergency response for local and foreign tourists; the establishment of the National Sports Academy which aims to develop the youth into world-class athletes; provision of assistance for young athletes; and rural development assistance seeking to increase employment rate in underdeveloped areas within the country.

The veteran legislator is set to file more bills in the future as he continues to work hard in fulfilling his mandate for the Filipino people.

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