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August 1, 2019

On 10th death anniversary, De Lima remembers Cory Aquino's courage, heroism

Senator Leila M. de Lima has joined the nation in commemorating the 10th death anniversary of the late President Corazon Aquino today (Aug. 1), saying her legacy still lives in the hearts of millions of people who were touched by her courage and heroism.

According to De Lima, the country lost a truly great leader with the passing of the late President, who was also considered as an icon of Philippine democracy for her key role in toppling the Marcos dictatorship and restoring our democracy.

"Her legacy continues and remains not only in the hearts of Filipinos, but also in the millions of people around the world whose lives were touched by her fortitude, humility, dignity and heroism," she said in an official statement.

De Lima, the most prominent political prisoner in the country today, urged the Filipino people to draw inspiration from the courage displayed by President Cory in the face of overwhelming odds of injustice, violence and impunity during the reign of the late strongman.

She noted how President Cory inspired and united our people "to overcome their fear, to fight tyranny and restore our democracy" through the bloodless and peaceful 1986 EDSA Revolution that ended Marcos' 21-year reign.

"Sa atin pong paggunita sa alaala ng isang huwarang Ina at pinuno ng bansa, lagi sana nating balikan at isabuhay ang kanyang natatanging tapang at paninindigan," she said.

"Sa kabila ng pananakot at panggigipit ng mapaniil na rehimen, tinanggap niya ang hamon na mamuno para makabangon ang bansa mula sa diktadurya," she added

The lady Senator from Bicol said that like Cory, every Filipino should aspire for and work towards a country where life, dignity and rights are respected and where its citizens can freely express themselves without fear of intimidation and harassment.

"Lahat tayo ay nagnanais na mawakasan na ang katiwaliang nagpapahirap sa bayan. Lahat tayo, gusto ng kaayusan sa lipunan. Lahat tayo, hinahangad na igalang ang ating karapatan hindi lang ng ating mga kababayan, kundi pati ng mga dayuhan," she said.

As shown by the peaceful 1986 EDSA Revolution, the former justice secretary pointed out that pressing problems that our nation is now facing cannot be solved through violent means and by killing thousands of lives and dreams of Filipinos.

De Lima has long suffered enormous consequences for speaking out against the unabated spate of extrajudicial killings under the government's all-out war on drugs. She was illegally and unjustly charged by the present government using testimonies of convicted witnesses.

Despite her political persecution in the hands of the Duterte administration, De Lima has repeatedly maintained her innocence from the fabricated charges, expressing belief that the truth will finally come out amid the lies being propagated by the government.

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