Press Release
August 19, 2019

Statement of Senator Juan Miguel F. Zubiri on the death of Ms. Gina Lopez

Gina Lopez has always been a good friend of every Filipino, rich and poor, and a real warrior for the conservation, protection of the environment. I admire her very much.

Being the chief of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission is just one of the many tasks she carried out well as part of our government. She brought her environmental activism into every Filipino home in her travels around our beautiful archipelago.

When disaster struck, she extended her able hands to help others. Even as a very young heiress of a media empire, she thought of their responsibility to the Filipino masses. Her able handling of the ABS CBN Foundation showed her heart for aggrieved sectors of society, especially children in poverty, pain and conflict.

She never shirked from a real patriot's duty to say the truth. Her G Diaries series is a testament to her calling to protect Mother Nature. This was often evident when environmental destruction caused by irresponsible mining and other forms of over-extraction of natural resources was at issue.

Most of all, I admire the grace, patience and sublime courage with which she faced the pains of her sickness. We will all miss her.

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