Press Release
August 27, 2019

Reaction of Senator Ramon Bong Revilla, Jr to the Joint Statement for the Participation of Leila De Lima in Senate Proceedings


"The double standards and sense of entitlement of some people are frankly quite disheartening.

When I was incarcerated due to politically motivated charges, which the Court has finally settled in my acquittal, a very vocal group were against my participation in Senate proceedings.

"It is funny that among that group were Leila De Lima herself and some of those signatories in the open letter released yesterday.

"In fact, it was the official position of the Senate leadership at that time that the absence of three (3) senators would have no impact on legislation.

"Wala yang pinagkaiba sa sitwasyon ko noon. Halatang halata naman ang special treatment 'pag pinayagan 'yan ngayon.

"Equal protection and fair play dictates that Leila De Lima cannot be allowed to participate in Senate proceedings, even if only remotely.

"First, to do so would amount to giving her favor over and above other detainees. And second, to allow her to vote in absencia would be a travesty against the Senate as a whole as this has no basis in the Rules. And even if the Rules are amended, it will lead to absurd results."

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