Press Release
September 2, 2019

Statement of Sen. Francis Pangilinan on the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests
Filipinos stand in solidarity with HK youth, fighting common enemy of violence, tyranny: Kiko

From this dark part of the world, we raise our voice in solidarity with the young people of Hong Kong. As Filipinos face the most brazen contempt of our most basic human right to life, we look to the young people of Hong Kong in awe, inspired by their courage to insist on their fundamental right to determine the course of their future, their collective life as a people.

From this your neighbor, we can only lend our voice in echo of your call for freedom and justice. As Filipinos face the most shameless displays of state power, we look to the young and not-so-young people of Hong Kong in humility, re-learning the timeless lesson of unity against tyranny -- unarmed but for the audacity to speak the truth together.

To the people of Hong Kong who are laying everything on the line for the values we all hold dear, thank you for your peaceful protests, for outwitting our common enemy might with right, for showing the way for all oppressed people everywhere. Thank you.

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