Press Release
September 3, 2019

Transcript of Interview with Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon

Q: On Sec. Panelo's letter endorsing release of Sanchez

Drilon: The contents of the letter appeared to be just standard, but, as I've said, the fact it is in his letterhead and given his position, that endorsement carries weight.

Q: Is it conflict of interest being a former lawyer of Sanchez?

Drilon: Pwede siyang mapuna doon, but he is no longer a lawyer of Sanchez, according to him.

Q: Should he explain why he referred that letter?

Drilon: I can only predict that he will say that in the course of my work I received his letter, and therefore, I endorsed it. As I've said, on the surface it appeared that the letter is a plain endorsement, but given the fact that it is in the letterhead of the Presidential Legal Adviser and the fact that he is the presidential spokesman, that letter, certainly, has some weight.

Q: May influence?

Drilon: I'm just saying it has weight.

Q: Being former SOJ, that's not part of the process when the Board denies the pardon and you go directly to Malacanang. It seems like it's an appeal, but it's not part of the process?

Drilon: The denial, I think, appeared afterwards. You know, there were these endorsements and they denied notwithstanding these endorsements.

Q: It's part of the process going to Malacanang?

Drilon: It's a little unusual. They should file their motion for reconsideration with the Bureau of Pardon and Parole.

Q: What can you say doon sa timing ng pagkasira ng sim card at doon sa (supposed release of Sanchez)?

Drilon: It think that is very telling. Ibig sabihin ay may tinatago. Maliwanag naman na may itinatago siya. Pangalawa, maliwanag naman na hindi sinunod ni Faeldon yung patakaran; 814 incidence, he released them without asking for clearance by the DOJ when, in fact, there's a department order that requires the approval of the DOJ. The attempt to remove the text message is an indication that they are hiding something. I would urge Sec. Guevarra to file the case for execution of civil damages of P12 million. Let them put up the defense that it has prescribed. What is important is that the government should initiate that recovery and also order the re-arrest of the perpetrators of Chiong sisters rape-slay. Let them question it in the Supreme Court. Let us be more proactive. Let us re-arrest them.

Q: Who is at fault at the faulty computation of the GCTA?

Drilon: The BuCor is the one computing it. The erroneous computation is the fault of the BuCor. The fact is, the carpeta is very clean. Walang kasalanan si Sanchez and he is getting full credit for everything. Pwede ba yun?

Q: Pwede bang negligence lang iyon o may corruption?

Drilon: It's either negligence or malicious omission.

Q: The plea for the writ of execution will be filed with the Supreme Court or RTC?

Drilon: The motion to execute with the RTC.

Q: Who can order the re-arrest?

Drilon: Sec. Guevarra should petition the court, the RTC, for the re-arrest.

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