Press Release
September 10, 2019

Dispatch from Crame No. 593:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima's statement on the Ombudsman directing her to explain the IRR of the GCTA Law


I have received the letter of the Ombudsman directing me to explain or clarify, within three (3) days, the IRR of the GCTA Law, as released to the media.

The letter says that the Office of the Ombudsman has "opened a fact-finding investigation on alleged irregularities in the implementation of" the GCTA Law. Am I to be treated here as a resource person, a respondent, or a probable respondent?

Is this a set-up for me and Sec. Mar into taking the fall for the Sanchez-Faeldon scandal with which we have nothing to do?

I find this development highly irregular.

Will consult my lawyers on this.

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