Press Release
September 26, 2019

Transcript of Interview with Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon

Q: Rep. Castor said we should slash the budget of the Senate because you have no constituencies?

SFMD: We have so much work here, especially at this time of the year. I don't want to waste my time on such inane ideas from the House of Representatives. Sayang lang ang panahon ko.

Q: The HoR has passed the budget of third and final reading but it is only then that the HoR would accept individual amendments daw?

SFMD: That's totally anomalous, because the third reading copy is a printed copy and by law and by Constitution, what you vote on third reading is a printed copy, and, in fact, you cannot vote on third reading unless the three days would have lapsed, precisely to allows you or the legislators to go over the printed copy and that should reflect what was passed on second reading. The third reading copy is a printed copy. I do not think that is the procedure. Just so to set the record straight, it is the printed copy that is voted on third reading and there is supposed to be no more amendments.

Kung sa bicam ipasok yung amendments?

SFMD: That one is feasible because the bicam is the so-called the third house in a bicameral legislature, so everything is open for discussion in the bicam, but not after the second and on the third reading, because that is the rationale for having a three-day rule in order that legislators can examine the printed cop to make sure that the printed copy reflects what was approved on second reading. You are not supposed to amend that anymore.

Q: Is that unconstitutional?

SFMD: Well, I am just describing the procedure found in the Constitution.

Q: Last year kasama kayo sa pag-uncover ng mga lump sum amounts, would you do the same here?

SFMD: We will do the same because what we will receive is the GAB as passed by the House and in our system of government, we are supposed to act on this bill after it comes from the House and we can introduce amendments.

Q: Given this word war, maaapektuhan ba yung budget process?

SFMD: Hindi naman siguro. If they transmit it to us, we will have enough time to tackle it.

Q: How will you handle it na pagtapos i-approved sa third reading binago nila?

SFMD: I will not put the horse before the cart.

Q: Will you make sure na walang pork barrel?

SFMD: Yes, we will scrutinize it.

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