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October 2, 2019

Transcript of Interview with Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon

Q: Dapat ba siyang (Abayalde) mag-resign?

SFMD: Alam mo, isang buwan na lang siya. Whatever happens, indeed, his stint as PNP chief is tarnished by this revelation. It's a very serious allegation. Given the tokhang campaign, which has killed thousands of people and supposedly drug dealers, the drug campaign loses its credibility when you hear of these allegations between high-ranking officials of the PNP.

Q: What do you make of the call na huwag ipatupad yung dismissal

SFMD: Very improper. Whether or not it was simply to find out what the status of the case was, the fact that the phone call was made, to me, it's improper.

Q: Can you confirm that you met with Dir. Aquino, sinabi na ni Se. Gordon?

SFMD: Yes, we confirmed that I was invited to a meeting by Sen. Gordon to listen to Gen. Aquino.

Q: What did he tell you?

SFMD: He said what he said during the open hearing, although we noticed already some hesitancy during the public hearing.

Q: Ang sabi ni Sen. Gordon, ang exactly na sinabi ay "do not implement the order."

SFMD: I'm sorry I could not recall the exact words. Pero ang nakiusap na huwag muna i-implement is something in substance that I remember to be the narration of Gen. Aquino of his telephone conversation with Gen. Abayalde.

Q: Bakit naging hesitant na siya during the hearing?

SFMD: I do not know. I'm just putting on record my impression that he became hesitant. What is the cause of that hesitancy I have no knowledge.

Q: Did you ask him to clarify why he changed his statement?

SFMD: First, I am not prepared to conclude that there was substantial change in the statement. What I am prepared to say is that there was some very clear hesitancy to repeat what he told us.

Q: Are you disappointed with the sudden change of tone?

SFMD: Certainly, I am disappointed, because I think he was more forthright when he met with us.

Q: Did you think what happened yesterday is enough to pin down Abayalde?

SFMD: What I am looking at, is I am looking to the Department of Justice to provide a firmer action on this incident because before them is a very serious case of violation of the Dangerous Drugs Act. Whether it was 30 kgs or 200 kgs, that constitutes a serious offense, which can merit a non-bailable violation of the law.

Q: Sa DOJ, yung 13 lang yung may complaint and Abayalde is never charged?

SFMD: Well, what appears to be the shortcoming of Abayalde is he made the call. That call does not implicate him from criminal case.

Q: Can the PNP still recover from this?

SFMD: I don't really know what he can do. His credibility is tarnished one month before he retires.

Q: Who among Abayalde, Aquino and Magalong is credible?

SFMD: I see Magalong to be the most credible of the three. When I was talking to Aquino, he appeared credible to me, except that, apparently, he was under pressure, to reveal his narration.

Q: Anything in the books that can be the basis of any complaint against Gen. Abayalde?

SFMD: I can't think of any right now. But certainly, on a general description of impropriety, it is improper.

Q: And he could be held from this drug bust due to command responsibility?

SFMD: That happened six years ago. I am supposed it is a situation which calls for his reassessment of whether he can continue commanding his people for the next 30 days.

Q: So, judgment call na lang?

SFMD: Yes, judgment call na lang.

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