Press Release
October 4, 2019

Dispatch from Crame No. 614:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima's statement on PDEA Chief Aaron Aquino's turn-around on his previous testimony re: PNP Chief Albayalde's statement to him about the latter's men involved in the 'agaw bato' scheme


Moral lesson from PDEA Chief Aaron Aquino's flip-flopping on the factual issue of what exactly P/DG Oscar Albayalde told him when he asked about his (Albayalde's) men involved in the 2013 drug buy bust: One cannot and should not be wavering, if he or she has or knows the truth. Truth cannot have two contrasting faces.

But, of course, we cannot judge DG Aquino right away. He must have reasons (pressure, he says) for his initial, tentative stance.

I pray for DG Aquino's strength and for General/Mayor Benjie Magalong's continued fortitude and safety. I pray also for P/DG Albayalde and the PNP as an institution, that it be exorcised of its demons, particularly the propensity of misguided elements to summarily execute hapless drug suspects and other malpractices or nefarious activities, such as 'agaw bato', planting of evidence, extortion, torture and CIDG's shameless cooking up of dubious charges against the opposition and other critics in pursuit of this regime's agenda to stifle dissent.

May the good men and women in that institution flourish and prevail always over the rotten eggs. I wish the same thing for PDEA, BuCor and NBI.

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