Press Release
November 19, 2019


With killings perpetrated daily, Senator Richard J. Gordon called on the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to exert more effort in gathering evidence and filing necessary charges against the perpetrators.

"The CHR should press a little harder to get the trust of the people and to investigate, instead of just being a talking head. It must put a lot of effort to gather evidence and file necessary charges against the culprits. Every day there is someone being killed," Gordon said during the deliberation for CHR's budget for 2022.

He noted that while the CHR may investigate the drug-related killings, it is important to get strong witnesses to really apply due process in all killings because people have a right to be safe.

Gordon also advised the CHR to advertise what the agency is doing to let the public know that it is doing something and make people understand how they can participate and go after human rights abuses.

"Judges are killed, even teachers, policemen, and government employees, among others. They too have a right to life and to be protected. The public has become impervious to these killings, even drug-related killings, where no drug lords have been killed so far, only ordinary drug users and pushers. What is the CHR's position on this?" he said.

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