Press Release
February 4, 2015

Transcript of interview of Senator TG Guingona III

STG: Tungkol sa Truth Commission, ako ay natutuwa at ito ay umaani ng malawakang suporta yung panukala. I hope this will come to fruition para maumpisahan na yung trabaho.

Q: Bakit na-cancel yung hearing?

STG: yung hearing ng truth commission has been referred to 2 committees. Primary committee was yung public order ni Senator Grace Poe. Secondary yung committee on peace. And that's under me. Senator Grace has graciously acceded to my hearing the bill. However, she wants to clarify lang the proper procedure of turning over the hearing of one bill from one committee to another. We just want to find out the proper procedure. Once we find out the proper procedure, we will hear the bill.

Q: Sir may request daw kayo na kayo maging primary committee?

STG: Na kame mag-hear. Hindi maging primary.

Q: Sir paano yung proposal ni Speaker Belmonte na magkaron na lang ng joint hearing?

STG: Ok din yun. Really, tungkol dito sa mga maraming inquiries, ok yun. Kasi each body has its own competence and expertise. For example, matters concerning human rights should be investigated by the CHR. Matters on police tactical operations should be investigated by the PNP board of inquiry. Matters of violation of law should be investigated by the DOJ. So there's no problem na maraming inquiries. However, at the end of the day there should be a body that will ask the strategic questions. Like, why was the agreement between the MILF and the government violated in this case for the pursuit of criminal syndicates within the MILF areas. And of course the question 'who ordered the troops into Mamasapano?'

Q: Sir yun pong suggestion na IBP daw ang mag-appoint sa commission?

STG: I still believe that it should be the President. It has always been that way. What's important is, it's not important who the appointing power is, what's important ay yung mga ma-appoint unimpeachable probity, competence, credibility and integrity. Katanggap-tanggap sa lahat.

Q: Sir pwede maka-delay sa commission tong ka-clarify nyo pa kung pano mag-transfer...

STG: We really have to follow proper procedures. Let's just wait. It's just a matter of a few days.

Q: Sir me mga panawagan kay PNOy na mag-resign...

STG: No, no. I'm not for that. I still believe in the President. And I believe he will do the right thing in this matter.

Q: Sir sina-suggest nyo si former Justice Davide...

STG: Ah yung mga pangalan nay an for example lang yan. Hindi yan ibig sabihin isinusulong natin. Ang sinasabi ko lang sa mga pangalan na yan, para magkaron ng idea ang taong-bayan kung sinu-sino ang sinasabi natin na may unimpeachable integrity, competence and unblemished record in public service. But there are 100 million Filipinos. And I'd like to believe that we have a lot of Filipinos that will fit the criteria. Like I said, the credibility of the committee stems from the character, the personality of the persons so appointed.

Q: Pano po status ng truth commission sa senate?

STG: Some senators have said that they are joining me already. I don't want to reveal. Until they have signed, it will be premature.

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