Press Release
March 25, 2015


I commend the MILF leadership for completing their investigation on the Mamasapano incident without further delay, and furnishing the Senate with a copy of the report.

Understandably, we have divergent views on certain issues and events, particularly on the nature and gravity of the killing of the members of the 55th SAC. This may be because we had access to different sets of witnesses or we have a different appreciation of facts.

The committee stands by its report, which has been signed by 20 senators, however, as I announced previously, amendments may be proposed and considered when we resume session in May. How the MILF report should be treated, considering certain findings of fact which are contradictory to a portion of ours, shall also be discussed by the joint committees.

What is important is that all of us continue on our pursuit of the truth and not to waver on our quest for genuine peace in Mindanao.

Given the differing findings of fact, it is more imperative for the DOJ to expedite and finish its investigation, identify the culpable individuals, and prosecute them accordingly.

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