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August 4, 2015

Trillanes pushes for gov't employees' pay hike

As the end of term of President Noynoy Aquino nears, Senator Antonio "Sonny" F. Trillanes IV vows to continue pushing for the passage of Senate Bill No. 2671 or the Salary Standardization Law 4.

Trillanes, principal author and sponsor of the measure, said "I'd like this bill to be the legacy of President Aquino to our government employees, including teachers, police and military personnel who have been helping him in attaining the reforms he instituted in the government."

Under this measure, current base pay schedule will be updated and government structure will be reinvented. Salary grades will be rearranged with Salary Grade 1 being the entry level and Salary 33, the President, being the highest level. The re-classification of salary grades will be based on the competencies, nature of work, and accountability required of each job.

In the improved salary scale, the base pay of the lowest grade government employee will be increased from the current PHP 9,000 to PHP 16,000. For military and uniformed personnel, base pay will range from PHP 23,200 for a candidate soldier to PHP 550,000 for a four-star general.

"Consistent with the anti-corruption campaign of the President, SSL 4 will be a potent anti-corruption measure. Due to the competitive compensation package, our public servants can be effectively discouraged from resorting to unscrupulous activities in order to augment their meager income, and, instead, focus their efforts and energy into serving the public, curbing corruption and cutting red tape," added Trillanes, chairman of the Senate Committee on Civil Service and Government Reorganization.

Trillanes further noted "civil servants serve as the public face of our government in providing our people with basic needs and public services. They are the backbone of good governance and administration. Thus, it is a matter of duty for the government to ensure that our civil servants are being cared for, and are provided the means to support their personal and family needs. In the end, it is the people who will benefit from a better compensated and corruption-free bureaucracy."

SBN 2671 has been sponsored by Trillanes in the Senate plenary and is currently pending on Second Reading.

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