Press Release
August 18, 2015

Transcript of Ambush Interview with Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On the passing of former Senator Butz Aquino

SPFMD: We will pass the resolution condoling the family, which we will hand to the family tomorrow when we have the mass at the morning.

Q: How do you remember Senator Butz?

SPFMD: He stood for his principles. First, I had interactions with him as Executive Secretary. But I do remember, that one of the issues of the time was the ratification of the treaty for the US bases, and Butz took a principled position. He voted "No."

He may have realized that this would alienate his supporters in the Central Luzon, but nevertheless he believed that he has to stand by his principles and that cost him hundreds of thousands of votes, which resulted to his being no. 24th in the elections at that time. So I remember him as a principled man.

I remember he believes strongly in cooperatives as a way of uplifting the poverty in the countryside. He was a very conscientious proponent of rural development through cooperatives. In that sense, the cooperative movement in our country has lost a champion.

Q: Any possible return of JPE to the Senate?

SPFMD: We will honor, as we have always done, we will follow the orders of the Supreme Court. I haven't received them yet.

Q: Can he go back to work?

SPFMD: Certainly, if he is granted bail then he can come to the Senate. He has never abandoned work, anyway, he continued to perform the functions of a senators with except the attendance of sessions, which he could not do.

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