Press Release
September 23, 2015

Transcript of Ambush Interview with Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On the rising ratings of Secretary Mar Roxas

SPFMD: To me the zooming trajectory of the ratings of Secretary Roxas is far more encouraging than the ratings of his rivals. You know, six months ago, Secretary Roxas just received four percent. Six months ago in the survey conducted in March, Mar Roxas had only four percent. Today he had 20 percent support.

While I agree with the analysis of Professor Ed Tayao that the ratings of the three candidates are statistically tied, at 26%, 24%, 20% for Senator Poe, Vice President Binay, and Secretary Roxas respectively, but what is important is that if you look at the surveys - and as I have always said that look at the three or four surveys - the upward zooming trajectory of Secretary Mar is significant, which have put him at a better position than the others.

The others have plateaued or even lost support. In the case of Secretary Mar, he has a continued trajectory, and this can be attributed to the President's very strong commitment that his anointed candidate will adhere to the principle of "Daang Matuwid" which both President Aquino and Secretary Roxas have adhered to and applied for the last five years of this administration.

So this SWS survey gives us encouragement that this platform of good governance and "Daang Matuwid" is the platform that we should follow. Ang mga katunggali ay dapat po maghanap ng ibang plataporma, at ito na po ang plataporma ng Pangulong Noynoy.

Q: On Senator Grace Poe's statement that the SWS survey period does not yet include her declaration to run as president.

SPFMD: I'm just talking about what I see.

Q: Sir sabi niyo na dapat may sarili silang plataporma - do you feel po ba in a way may similarities yung mga pinepresent ng iba na platform sa "Daang Matuwid?"

SPFMD: I am just basing that statement on the statement of Senator Poe that "There is no monopoly on Daang Matuwid." What I can say is that this administration has really based its governance on the basis of "Daang Matuwid" and that principle has been tested and applied by this administration consistently.

Q: Secretary Lacierda has criticized the messages and platforms of other camps as confusing.

SPFMD: Let Secretary Lacierda make his own opinions. Alam mo, si Secretary Lacierda ay talagang magaling at napapansin siya na mukhang hindi tama na siya ay speaking for the party. Well he is not a member of the party.

Q: May basis ba yung call na mag-resign na siya sa pwesto?

SPFMD: You know, Cabinet members are extensions of the President. Particularly Secretary Lacierda, he is a spokesperson. You assume that his statements have the approval of the President, otherwise he will not be a spokesman. He holds his position on the basis of the confidence of the President.

Q: No need for him to step down?

SPFMD: There is certainly no need for him to step down.

Q: No need for him to stop speaking about politics?

SPFMD: No need. We are in a political season. The President is a political leader, Lacierda is the spokesperson of our political leader.

Q: On the chilling effect of the Samal kidnapping incident to holding of APEC 2015 events

SPFMD: Don't read into it too much. It is just by coincidence that this crime took place, there is no relation. Don't put so much connection into it, it is an isolated incident.

Q: Dapat ba na i-identify na sila Senator Poe as "opposition" and magkaroon na ng distinction?

SPFMD: I don't want to advise on the matter but we are just saying that that is the platform of PNoy and his anointed successor.

Q: So hindi siya automatically considered na "opposition"?

SPFMD: Well the fact is she is not the appointed candidate of the President.

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