Press Release
December 2, 2015

Statement of Senate President Franklin M. Drilon on the Olongapo Regional Trial Court's decision on the killing of Jeffrey "Jennifer" Laude

I fully support the decision rendered by the Olongapo Regional Trial Court Branch 74 on the killing of Jeffrey "Jennifer" Laude, a Filipino.

I believe that the Court rendered its decision based on applicable laws and jurisprudence, and according to what is just and right.

I also laud the Court's ability to render its judgment within a reasonable time. Any further delay would have been prejudicial to both parties. Hence, I admire the Court for its perseverance, fairness, probity, and complete independence in handling the case.

I am confident that the decision will not in any way affect the bilateral and diplomatic relationship of the Philippines and the United States of the America. The crime was committed by an individual through his own acts in Philippine territory. The country has to uphold and promote respect for the laws of our nation. I expect the government of the United States of America to comply with and respect the decision.

The accused, US Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton, was given equal opportunity to defend himself before a court of law. He can avail of the remedies provided under our laws and Constitution.

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