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December 18, 2015


Sen. Francis "Chiz" Escudero expressed hope his proposal seeking a fixed salary for barangay officials will also be approved when session resumes next month after the Senate passed a bill authorizing barangay captains to administer the oath of office of any government official, including the President.

He said the passage of the twin measures would be a "big step in recognizing the vital role of those in the frontline of government service in nation-building."

Senate Bill No. 2693, which authorizes the punong barangay or village chieftain to administer the oath of all government officials--from the President down to the lowest elective and appointive public officers--was approved on final reading by the Senate on Dec. 14. Escudero is one of the principal authors of the bill.

"It is just right that our barangay officials are now being given the proper recognition they deserve with all their sacrifices in serving the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week," said Escudero, who is leading the vice-presidential race.

Since he first became senator in 2007, Escudero has been pushing for a fixed salary for barangay officials rather than a mere honorarium based on their share of the Internal Revenue Allotment or IRA.

Escudero's SBN 124 seeks to amend Section 393 of Republic Act No. 7160, or the Local Government Code, to provide barangay captains a monthly salary which is 20 percent above the minimum wage rate prevailing in their particular region.

Under the proposed measure, barangay council members, treasurers and secretaries will receive a monthly salary based on the prevailing minimum wage rate in the region.

At present, a barangay captain is getting an honorarium of at least P1,000 per month while the councilors, the treasurer and secretary each receive P600 monthly.

"As the most visible faces of government service, our barangay officials deserve to be compensated more than other officials of the government. They are expected to function above and beyond the normal service hours extended by the government to the people, given the proximity of the barangay to homes and workplaces," he pointed out.

Escudero's bill has been consolidated in SBN 12, along with other bills seeking higher benefits for officials of 42,000 barangays across the country.

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