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October 7, 2017

Sen. Leila M. de Lima's Statement calling on the NBI to probe the activities of a certain Daniel Cruz
Dispatch from Crame No. 179

Pursuing further my thoughts as expressed in one of yesterday's dispatches from Crame (No. 176)--

I strongly suspect that this Daniel "Snooky" Cruz, whom Sen. Sonny Trillanes exposed as the peddler of alleged foreign bank accounts of mine (as peddled sometime last year), and recently, of Sen. Trillanes, is the same source of Duterte's outrageous claim, as blurted out in a private dinner with some members of the Senate majority few months ago, that the info about my alleged drug links came from US intel (US Embassy State Dept. or DEA? Take your pick...). Such info was in turn excitedly shared with media by gullible Senators present in that dinner.

From Sen. Trillanes's privilege speech, it appears that "Snooky" professes (or more appropriately, misrepresents) himself to be well-connected to the U.S. Embassy, a former federal agent kuno. Most likely, it's this guy also, a typical operator, who peddled the concocted story about the US intel confirming my purported connections to the illegal drug trade.

It's either that or just another of those now too-common Duterte psychotic inventions.

I call on the NBI to thoroughly investigate this "Snooky" Cruz and his activities, and upon confirmation of his swindling ways, to refer the matter to the National Prosecution Service, for appropriate action.

Fake bank accounts. Fake info. And yes, fake, perjured witnesses in a grad conspiracy of lies.

It's indeed a reign of fools, liars and demons.

And this regime is now working doubletime towards consolidation of power... That I clearly see.

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