Press Release
December 2, 2017


Confident that it will promote accountability and transparency in the conduct of police operations, Senator Richard J. Gordon welcomed reports that law enforcers in some areas will use body cameras during their operations.

Gordon pointed out that he had, in fact, filed Senate Bill No.1536 or the "Body Camera and Dashboard Camera for Law Enforcement Officers Act of 2017" which provides that all law enforcement officers with the authority to conduct searches and make arrests shall be required to use body and dashboard cameras to record events occurring in the course of conducting a search or making an arrest.

"This is very commendable. In fact, I proposed a bill requiring the use of body cameras and also dashboard cameras when conducting police operations. The alarming number of alleged abuses necessitates safeguards to protect the citizens of our country and to help in ending the culture of impunity within the ranks of our law enforcement agencies. I hope body cameras will be used in police operations nationwide," he said.

Gordon was reacting to reports that, in some areas, police operatives have started or will start wearing body cameras when conducting operations.

The Pasig City Police Operatives will start wearing body cameras during their operations to protect police officers against accusations of misdemeanor as they perform their duties. Eastern Police District Director Chief Superintendent Romulo Sapitula said this is in compliance with the directive of Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa to utilize body cams in police operations to document events on the ground in the conduct of checkpoint operations, raids, surveillance operations, Oplan Sita and Galugad.

Last September, the Philippine National Police presented plans to buy 37,000 units of body cameras for policemen's use during drug raids. In Eastern Visayas, regional police director Chief Supt. Gilbert Cruz was able to secure the assistance of the local government units in providing an initial 20 cameras, the "go pro-type" with high resolution features.

In Pakil, Laguna, Mayor Vince Soriano has implemented the use of body cameras for police officers following the investigation on extra-judicial killings (EJKs) conducted by the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights, which Gordon chairs.

As part of the recommendations in the committee report he submitted after the investigation, Gordon filed Senate Bill No.1536, or the "Body Camera and Dashboard Camera for Law Enforcement Officers Act of 2017". The bill was referred to the Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs.

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