Press Release
January 10, 2019

Sen. Ejercito's reaction to PRRD's approval to raise tobacco tax

As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and Demography and one of the principal proponents of the Universal Health Care (UHC) measure, which was already ratified by the Senate and the House of Representatives, that would make quality health care services accessible to all Filipinos, I sincerely thank President Duterte for giving his thumbs up to the proposal to raise the excise tax on tobacco and alcohol products.

This welcome development is a shot in the arm as I continuously push for the eventual signing into law of the UHC.

The President's approval to increase sin taxes would buttress the efficient and sustainable implementation of the UHC that would inclusively benefit all Filipinos.

Isa po ako sa nagpanukala na itaas ang excise tax ng tobacco products and I will persuade the Senate leadership and my colleagues to fast-track its approval.

Isa po talaga ito sa nakikita kong mapagkukunan ng pondo para sa UHC, and at the same time, will reduce cigarette smoking in the country.

As I have been saying, this is a revenue and a health measure at the same time.

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