Press Release
February 26, 2019

Dispatch from Crame No. 474:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima on Duterte's continued subservience to China


Duterte's pronouncement to allow illegal Chinese workers in the Philippines once again demonstrates the President's cowardice when it comes to dealing with China. He justifies this with the lame excuse that China might retaliate against Filipinos working in China. But this only means a breakdown in the enforcement of Philippine laws against illegal Chinese workers. If we allow illegal Chinese workers, we might as well allow all other foreigners working illegally in the Philippines.

Duterte's accommodation of Chinese interests is extra-ordinary. He has practically surrendered the West Philippine Sea to China. He has basically given China a monopoly in Philippine infrastructure projects. He has barely raised a concern to the continued entry into the country of tons of "shabu" from China. He has promoted the influx of Chinese nationals to work in the Philippines, and now has welcomed even those who work here illegally.

The President is constitutionally mandated to enforce Philippine laws. This includes laws on foreign immigrant workers. That Duterte cannot do this when it comes to Chinese illegal workers only reinforces the perception that he is nothing more than a puppet of China. Whatever China has on Duterte, to be able to hold him firmly by the neck while we are gradually turned into a Chinese vassal state, is definitely working to its advantage.

Ano kaya ba talaga ang hawak ng Tsina kay Duterte? Ano kaya ang alam nito tungkol sa kanya?

We cannot remain blind to this creeping Chinese invasion and its gradual take-over of the sectors of our economy that are vital to our national security and sovereignty. Our very independence as a nation is at stake here. If, like Judas, Duterte is selling us for 30 pieces of silver, we must resist and continue to fight for a future free from foreign control and domination.

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