Press Release
March 12, 2019


Senator Richard J. Gordon welcomed as a good break in the case, the arrest last week in Sto. Tomas, Batangas of the suspect in the murder of Subic businessman Dominic Lim Sytin.

"This shows that the police are doing their job. It is a good break in the case," he said.

The Philippine National Police announced in a press conference Monday morning the arrest last week of Edgardo Luib, the suspected gunman in the killing of Sytin outside the Lighthouse Hotel in Subic in November last year. Sytin's bodyguard Efren Espartero was also wounded.

Luib tagged Sytin's younger brother Dennis as the alleged mastermind of the killing. Police said that based on Luib's extrajudicial confession, the murder was motivated by the rivalry among corporate siblings.

"But the police should study all angles and determine the real motive behind the killing. What motivated the killer. It was an extra-judicial confession. To be admissible, it must be voluntary; made with the assistance of a competent and independent counsel; express; and in writing," Gordon said.

The police said two .45 bullets and nine cartridges recovered from the crime scene matched with Sytin's .45 Norinco pistol that was confiscated from the suspect. Also confiscated from Luib were a .30 carbine, .40 pistol and a "large sachet" of marijuana. His fingerprints standard also matched from the latent prints lifted from side mirror from Yamaha Mio motorcycle used in the shooting.

Sytin was the founder and chief executive officer of United Auctioneers Inc., an auctioneer of used trucks and heavy equipment in Subic. He also owned ACEA Subic Bay Resort.

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