Press Release
May 1, 2019

Sen. Joel Villanueva's Labor Day message

Our Filipino workers are the core of our economy. We celebrate this day as a tribute to our hardworking laborers working across the country and overseas.

For 117 years, we have achieved victories in protecting the rights of workers, ensuring the creation of more jobs, and uplifting the dignity of every Filipino worker.

In the Senate, we have successfully pushed for the passage of laws including the Occupational Safety and Health Standards law, Telecommuting Act, and Tulong Trabaho law --landmark legislations that we have won not only to ensure workers' safety and welfare but also to help them adapt in the changing times.

Our fight continues as we continuously push for the security of tenure of our workers, ensure fair labor practices, support the call for a reasonable living wage, and protect the jobs of Filipinos by putting an end to the influx of illegal foreign workers that causes wage disparity among Filipino workers.

Ngayong Araw ng Paggawa, sama-sama po nating pagsumikapan na itaguyod ang isang magandang kinabukasan para sa ating uring manggagawa.

Taos-pusong pagpupugay po sa ating manggagawang Pilipino sa loob at labas ng bansa!

Isang mapagpalayang Araw ng Paggawa po sa ating lahat!

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