Press Release
May 27, 2019

Dispatch from Crame No. 526:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima's Statement on claims by Peter Advincula (aka Bikoy) about pro-Duterte forces' concerted efforts linking her to illegal drug trade


As one grievously wronged by fake charges, I see a silver lining in this whole 'Bikoy' issue vis-à-vis my own ordeal.

Ipinapakita nito na sadya ngang madaling mag-imbento ng mga akusasyon, at sadya ngang may mga taong sobrang galing magsinungaling.

Ganyan na ganyan ang mga nagtestigo at tumetestigo laban sa akin sa mga drug cases ko. Mga imbento katulad ng diumano'y pagpapakolekta ko sa mga Bilibid inmates para sa aking 2016 candidacy; pagdala daw ng P5 million "quota" sa bahay ko dalawang beses noong 2014; pagbigay daw, anim na beses, ng P3 million sa akin na ipinadaan sa dalawang tao ko; at iba pang mga kwento na pilit akong inuugnay sa Bilibid drug trade. All lies! Pure lies!

The recent surfacing of a Dec. 2016 affidavit of ex-convict 'Bikoy', as disclosed by Sotto, purporting to implicate me, PNoy and some other PNoy cabinet officials in the illegal drug trade, which 'Bikoy' in his presscon the other day branded as another "gawa-gawa," simply confirms what I already know: That back then in 2016, there was a concerted effort by pro-Duterte forces to forcely link me to the illegal drug trade.

As early as one or two weeks after the May 2016 elections, I got a tip from a credible source that Duterte's men were going around the NBP convincing inmates, particularly the 'Bilibid 19' inmates regarding my alleged drug links. While initially there were no takers, some eventually succumbed either to threats, bribery, blackmail, grant of prison privileges and some other artifices. They were among those paraded in that witch hunt called the House inquiry into the Bilibid drug trade.

Recall also the stabbing incident cum riot in the Bilibid which left Jaybee Sebastian and 2 other inmates seriously wounded and another one dead. It was only after said incident that the 3 survivors agreed to testify against me.

'Bikoy''s claim that he or his testimony was meant to be the "finale" in the circus of lies assembled against me may or may not be true. One definite truth, however, came from 'Bikoy's mouth during his recent PNP presscon: that essentially, certain forces were at work in 2016 fabricating charges against me.

I didn't need a criminal character like 'Bikoy' to tell me and the world that fact. That is something I and the thinking public knew already.

SP Sotto's disclosures about 'Bikoy''s failed overture to his office in 2016 by the latter's dangling of his purported Dec. 2016 affidavit, and Sen. Ping Lacson's revelation of the involvement of ranking police officials, 5 or 6 of them, as 'Bikoy''s then handlers, has lent credence to the scenario of 'Bikoy''s potential use then as another perjured witness against me.

Examining closely, the contents of this purported Dec. 2016 affidavit, I was obviously the main target. Yes, PNoy and 3 of my former colleagues in the Cabinet were also mentioned, but it was my name that prominently figured in that elaborate web of lies.

There you have it. There are more factual information, mostly from credible sources, that demonstrate beyond cavil that the 3 criminal cases, "People vs. de Lima, et al.," for Conspiracy to Commit Illegal Drug Trading, are a product of a grand conspiracy of lies in order to fulfil Duterte's 'Destroy de Lima' edict. These cases are an absolute sham.

Nananalig ako na darating ang panahon na malalaman natin ang buong katotohanan sa mga pangyayari nung 2016, yung malawakang "operation" na ikinasa nila laban sa akin, at kung sino-sino ang mga nasa likod nito.

Meanwhile, my search for truth continues. There will be no let-up until I attain justice and vindication.

(Access the handwritten copy of Dispatch from Crame No. 526, here:

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