Press Release
July 2, 2019

Honasan can fix bugs of free nationwide WiFi program

I salute Senator, now Secretary Greg Honasan, a Senate classmate for 15 years, in his new job as head of the DICT.

Knowing him to be mission-oriented, I am confident that he will be time-on-target in meeting the timetable for the completion of needed reforms in the IT sector, which underpins our economy.

Of particular interest to me, and the general public, is the delay in the rollout of the Free Public Wi-Fi Hotspots, a program he ardently supported in the Senate.

The government has appropriated almost P8 billion since the project's inception in 2015.

As of June 2019, only 2,677 sites have been made operational, out of the cumulative target of 34,236 sites by end of the year.

If this pace will not accelerate, the target of installing 100,349 sites by 2026 will be impossible to meet.

The free Wi-Fi hotspots project should not crawl like the present speed of internet in the country.

I am however optimistic that Secretary Greg will fix the bugs of this program and implement a catch up plan that will cover other areas of concern as well.

I wish him Godspeed.

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