Press Release
July 16, 2019

Statement of Senator Win Gatchalian on the Signing of the Philippine Innovation Act

The Philippine Innovation Act was inspired by our vision to put innovation at the center of the country's national development policies, and make innovation a major driver of economic development that will build the foundation of a more inclusive future. We thank President Rodrigo Duterte for finally turning this vision into a reality after signing this landmark bill into law.

This law aims to harness innovation efforts to help the poor and the marginalized as well as enable MSMEs to be a part of the domestic and global supply chain. In a nutshell, the Philippine Innovation Act will develop a National Innovation Agenda and Strategy Document that will deepen and accelerate inclusive innovation programs that target the poorest of the poor. Moreover, it also creates the National Innovation Fund to support every Juan de la Cruz with innovative ideas that will benefit the poorest of the poor.

With the implementation of this law, I look forward to a thriving and growth-fueling national innovation system, which will cure our highly fragmented innovation governance system.

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