Press Release
July 23, 2019

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Vicente C. Sotto III

On whether the reimposition of the death penalty will be prioritized.

SP Sotto: If it is confined to high-level drug trafficking, it stands to be a good chance. It could be a squeaker, but it could pass in the Senate. Ngayon, because of the mention of plunder, hindi maganda sa aming mga senador at saka mga congressman, na hindi pumayag na isama. Kailangang isama, otherwise, takot kami sa plunder. Therefore, aside from high-level drug trafficking, pwedeng isama pa rin ang plunder. But again, as of now, it is going to be a squeaker as far as the Senate is concerned. Merong mga kontra sa amin niyan, so we will try to get thirteen votes.

Q: Gagawing priority bill now that the President mentioned it?

SP Sotto: It depends on the chairmen of the committees if they can report it out right away. As far as the (unclear) of the President is concerned, definitely it will become a part of the priority, the Ledac.

Q: Pero kayang ipasa within the year?

SP Sotto: Salary standardization, yes.

Q: Kayang ipasa yung death penalty within the year?

SP Sotto: It depends on the debates. I dare not say when.

Q: Isa po yun sa priority bills?

SP Sotto: Most probably, yes.

Q: Yung creation ng departments, sabi ninyo meron kayong (unclear) kasi nga yung bureaucracy?

SP Sotto: Right-sizing muna.

Q: Mas maganda ba kung icertify as urgent?

SP Sotto: Bale-wala naman. Kahit icertify niya, it only does away with the three day rule, that's all.

Q: (Unclear) debates?

SP Sotto: Sa debates? Ang debates ang mahaba.

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