Press Release
August 22, 2019

Statement of Sen. Francis Pangilinan on possible release of convicted rapist-murderer, drug-lord witnesses vs Sen. De Lima
His release will be a mockery of justice: Kiko

We were among those who signed the Senate bill that became Republic Act 10592, so we know that its intent is not to determine the fate of inmates solely on mathematical computation.

Numbers such as days of the month should have value as well as context in assessing good conduct. One cannot act like a saint for 20 days in a month, just because it is a requirement of law, and be like Lucifer for the rest of the month. There should be an objective assessment of how the incarceration has contributed to the reformation and rehabilitation of a person.

In the case of former Mayor Sanchez, despite the good conduct he has purportedly shown, the infractions he committed while serving should not be disregarded. His so-called reformation is doubtful.

He cannot be among the first to be released when there are more deserving. His release will be a mockery of justice.

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