Press Release
October 20, 2019

Sen. Leila M. de Lima's Message of Condolences to the Family of former Senate President Aquilino "Nene" Pimentel Jr.

To Senator Koko, Commissioner Gwen and the Pimentel Family, ang aking taus pusong pakikiramay sa inyo.

Senator Nene is one of the most respected statesmen this country has ever been blessed with. A defender of democracy, he will be remembered for how he fought the Martial Law dictatorship, at the expense of his own freedom. Even after the People Power Revolution, Sen. Nene remained a fighter for good governance, letting go of the Senate Presidency when the Senate refused to examine evidence in the impeachment of President Estrada.

As the country got back on its feet after the second People Power, Senator Nene wasted no time in crafting meaningful legislation and led the minority as a constructive force that provided the checks and balances to the Arroyo Administration.

He may be gone, but his legacy of wisdom in defending democracy will live forever in the hearts of the people.

May the Pimentel family find comfort in the love and appreciation of the people for Sen. Nene.

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