Press Release
October 24, 2019

Senator Aqulino "Koko" Pimentel III's Tribute to Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio Upon His Retirement from the Supreme Court

I pay tribute to the man behind a long, productive and trailblazing career in the Supreme Court, Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio. A true patriot who served in the Supreme Court for eighteen (18) years. A great defender of judicial independence, and a staunch supporter of judicial reforms.

Justice Carpio is the embodiment of credibility. And because he is credible, he has become the beacon which guides us when we want to know what the truth is and where right is.

Justice Carpio's decisions and opinions are always well-researched, well-argued, solidly based on facts and evidence, and objective. Hence, they are always just.

And through this just man, justice is achieved.

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