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November 19, 2019

Transcript of Interview with Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon

SFMD: Unang-una, it is a question of whether or not the policy that we built new facilities in Clark is a valid issue, because of the 56 sporting events that will take place during the SEA Games, exactly two will be held in Clark - that is swimming and track and field. The question is, is the P9.5 billion expense justified? The PSC admitted that they could have refurbished Rizal Memorial Coliseum for a cost of P1.2-B. The policy issue is, do we have to spend P9.5 billion facilities when in fact we could have spend P1.2-B to refurbish Rizal Memorial Coliseums. This is the assertion of Mr. Ramirez, who is the head of PSC, who also stated that the PSC could have done what the PhilSGOC is doing. That is admitted. The PSC is equipped and competent to handle what is PhilSGOC is doing provided that there is coordination with POC.

Q: Yung sinasabi ni Speaker na kailangan yung foundation para makapag-compete sa international sporting events, walang bearing iyon?

SFMD: At this stage, I do not see the relevance of that. Which event are we looking at to host? The Olympics? I think that is a piped dream at this point.

Q: Ang sabi ninyo ayon sa batas, yung POC dapat yung nangunguna?

SFMD: Yes. The POC is the franchise holder. That is why they were asserting their authority.

Q: Yung sa cauldron lang, sinasabi ni Speaker na it's priceless, hindi dapat sabihin na expensive...

SFMD: For P50 million you want to have a kaldero, it's a question of propriety. It's a question of priority. Doon sa P50 million, 50 silid-paaralan ang ating mabubuo. Kailangan ba natin ng ganoong kaluhong facility, which has nothing to do with training. Hindi po expense iyan for training. That is a luxury expense. All of these I don't want to discuss any further. As I said, we want to support our athletes.

Q: Yung budget daw po for SEA Games, it's a lot of money but it is not excessive?

SFMD: That is one way of viewing it. In our case, we feel that could successfully host the games at much less expense. But that is a policy issue.

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